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Oct 30, 2012 1:00pm EDT
speech -- was of the day before yesterday in san francisco -- talking about the need to be a revolutionary. that's the way founders and entrepreneurs need to think of themselves. i read about it in regard to mark zuckerberg. the founders are the most impact all of our era. but that implies an urgency that i wonder if it is widely enough understood. any thoughts on that? what you guys are doing is a truly revolutionary. people ought to be really scared of it or be really getting on board fast. >> the entrepreneurs -- there are two types. some are looking to create an interesting product or service and have somewhat modest ambitions. that is fine. the other which are really trying to change the world and trying to do something which is more long-term built to last kind of thing. they have to have passion and perseverance. when we started a a well 27 years ago, only 3% of people were on line and were on an outbreak -- were on line one hour a week. we stuck with it and it took us a decade before we got traction. then that mid-90s thing took off and it was like an overnight sensat
Oct 28, 2012 4:05pm EDT
said that she is left of san francisco and you said that democrats and to create chaos and order to gain power. can you explain that? >> i said they profit from chaos with fiscal irresponsibility. you look at the groups supporting mrs. vilsack and spending hundreds of thousands -- they are left of san francisco. one is the anti-meat lobby. this is not a centrist running against a conservative. if you look at the positions -- and with regard to the women issue, i got women voted to office, and i nominated kim reynolds. the last woman to run for congress was marianne miller- meeks. i campaigned for her and vilsack worked against her. >> why did you call attention to your age? >> there comes a time when you don't care what people think, but i need the votes of 700,000 people, but this is an aspect i bring to congress. i am someone already. i want to get things done. >> the implication is that you are in congress to "be someone." >> if anyone wants to look at my record, they know i'm moving the iowa agenda. and you don't just go there and put up a vote that best represents iowans. i tak
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)